Desktop Organizer

Since my instagram post yesterday, I had a quite a few questions about my "desktop organizer". So, here it is! I designed it using Photoshop (5X7 file, leaving about 1" along the top and bottom of blank space), saved as a .JPG, and made it my desktop background (Fill Screen Option). Your files then can be moved to various categories providing a nice clean list look. As you can see, mine is pretty simple. I wanted to keep a clean look especially since files will fill up the background. The categories on the left are most applicable to my current workflow and helping me sort my heaviest load of files floating around my desktop. I added a few photos just for a fun touch of color (Thanks Ryan Price for our beautiful images). What I love about this is that it's totally customizable for whatever your workflow might be as a photographer, wedding planner, designer, or any small business owner. Happy Organizing!!