Mathew Family

The Mathew Family is so precious to us and I'm excited to share their photos as a family of four! Wes and Kasey have walked so closely with Brent and I since we first started dating, we are so thankful for the ways they have loved, encouraged, and are always pointing us back to God. In 2010, they brought their sweet Priya home from India. Their adoption journey continued in May of 2011 when they began the process for Hope. In March they left for India to get their precious Hope after 3 years of prayer, trust, and waiting. The Mathew's story with Hope and their time in India is full of God's faithfulness and how he fights for us. Wes and Kasey documented their journey through their short term Blog (Make sure to have a tissue ready). We were so excited to have them visit for a day and squeeze photos in between the rain. My favorite part you will find towards the end of the photos when Priya and Hope got to wear their Langas (I hope I remembered this correctly... Indian Dresses). We pretended they were Indian Princess running through the fields, oh how I love imaginations!