Our Newest Adventure

Today is such a big and exciting day! I am so thrilled to share my new brand as well as the sweet things the Lord has put on my heart over the past few months that tie into what he began about 4 years ago.

Now, I am far more gifted with capturing things in images than words. I challenged myself to a post without photos for that reason. Hopefully these words will convey my heart of joy and new faith for what the Lord has for us in this season!

I will forever cherish the sweet memories and exponential growth during the time my business was known as Ashley Lauren Photography. 


 Today is the beginning of an exciting new Journey and I hope that in some way you can join it with us! There have been many moments over the past few years I dreamed of pursing photography and design full time, each thought quickly ending by a huge wave of fear. 

Yes, Fear! My tender, type a, personality was always seeking a glowing feel good moment of "Arrival". Brent and I were extremely encouraged by the book, One Word That Will Change Your Life in thinking through our new life together and beginning 2014. The book encourages you to choose one word for the year and share with those who are close in your life to help keep you accountable. I happened to land on SIMPLIFY. In 2014, I hope to Simplify all the areas of my life by retraining the way I think and respond to things. I believe by thinking through things more simply will challenge me to remove my, often over emotional, feelings from decisions and focus on truths sitting in front of me. As I applied the concept of "SIMPLIFY" to my business, I quickly realized there will never be a moment of "Arrival" but actually an always changing  journey. just like life. 

In all honesty, this wasn't an ah-ha moment but a season of wresting with breaking down an ever so large mindset of arrival and perfection. I had to set my emotions aside and cling to the large truth lingering within simplifying my thoughts. In doing so and alongside the encouragement of many, I was able to clearly move towards things I felt the Lord was stirring in my heart regarding what business as Ashley Monogue would look like.

I love resting in the truth that Ashley Monogue, LLC will be a journey and knowing that just as every other journey there will be challenging times, moments of mistakes, but even better moments of sweet rejoicing in our Lord's faithfulness through it all. A journey takes faith and I am so thankful that faith will triumph over the waves of fear. 

I'm excited for you to follow our journey in hopes that it will be a sweet encouragement for the areas in your life where there are waves of fear.

Love, Ashley