Tennessee Travel'In

Our Tennessee vacation will always be a sweet memory for many reasons. Mostly because, besides our honeymoon, it was our first vacation together! A vacation with friends to make it that much better. I shared Jeff & Jordan's session a few weeks ago, but loved this collection of personal photos from our time in Tennessee. I have always enjoyed traveling and taking in the unique details that mark different regions of the World but I must say...it's so much better with my adventure guide, B. 

Our time was filled with laughter, exploring, food tasting, celebrating Independence with new friends, chasing chickens, catching fireflies, and so many other things unique to Tennessee. 

One of my favorite days was spent in the Smoky Mountains touring by way of automobile and logged a few miles by foot. Okay, maybe one mile. I'm not known to be the most outdoorsy of our bunch.  I was thinking it was a pretty good decision once the Black Bear cub decided to wonder right in front of our truck. The Smokies give a very mystical feeling while driving through winding roads along miles of tall, lush, and green trees. 

I always knew I had a sweet place in my heart for southern touches, but Knoxville made that southern love greater!